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How to Stay Under A Budget!

How to Stay Under A Budget!

As a student, it is essential to follow a set budget for all our expenses. With currently being in lockdown and concentrating on assignments, it can easily lead to having a takeaway quite often as a means of treating ourselves or buying something you really want no matter what its repercussions later in the month might be. I am one of the students who cave in quite a lot but also who have learned how to budget so that a cheeky takeaway doesn’t lead me to survive on ramen for the rest of the month. Here are some tricks which help me stay under a budget!……

Set Yourself A Monthly Budget

It is crucial to make a monthly spending limit for yourself at the start of the month and divide that budget equally for those four weeks. It helps you control how much you need to spend weekly and enables you to calculate your daily spendings. The best way is to write down a weekly budget on your phone and calculate your daily spending every time you buy something, and add it all up at the end of the week to see how much you spent or saved from the set budget.

Make a Grocery List before going shopping

Most money every month for anyone goes to buying food and while in a grocery store it is very easy to spend quite a lot as there can be so many things which look very appetizing or you might want to try. To save me from those cravings, making a grocery list and a weekly food menu helps me to know what I need and prevents me from wandering off and buying unnecessary stuff while in the store. That Ben Jerrys might sound nice while shopping but could be a reason for you running out of money at the end of the month, so choose wisely.

Have a Saving Accounts

Get yourself a savings account and try and transfer some money monthly when you get paid before setting up your budget. It helps you have less liquid flow in your current account, helping you stick to your budget. Even if you spend less than your set weekly budget, transfer that money to your saving account; It gives you a sense of responsibility and a rush of happiness that you were able to achieve your goal. Yeah, I know it’s easy to transfer the money back to spend, but test your willpower and challenge yourself not to cave in, because those savings can help you big time in the future when needed.

Look for Offers!

One of the advantages you get as a student is there are many student deals available throughout the year. Look for those deals before you decide to order a takeaway or go to the grocery store, as you might be able to get your favorite chocolate for free! Search for some deals by clicking on this link.

I know times are tough, and all you need is a pizza to cheer you up, which occasionally is not bad as I do it myself and treating yourself sometimes is necessary, but don’t let that become an everyday habit.

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