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Get Rid of Lockdown Blues!

Get Rid of Lockdown Blues!
Most of 2020 for many was spent in a lock-down, and unfortunately, the UK went into a third lock-down at the start of 2021. Being in a lock-down can take a toll on one’s mental health with them feeling isolated. It can also be a reason for lack of motivation to do any work whether it be in the home or a university assignment. Today I am going to share some ideas which I use to get rid of the lock-down blues……

Try and follow a routine.

Being at home can easily make you not keep track of time, so even though we are stuck at home try and follow a routine. From waking up, making food, and planning daily activities; whatever you feel like doing. This can help you not just sit in bed all day and gives you something to look forward to.


I have always been a fan of working out and home workout videos have been a great source in burning those extra calories during lock-down. It always puts me in a good mood and makes me active for the rest of the day. Being stuck inside can easily make the body very lethargic and inactive, as our daily physical movement of either going to work or university have been taken away. So try and compensate it with a daily 15-20 minutes of exercise because even a short walk can help big time!

Try and get ahead with work.

Most students juggle part-time work and studies, me being one of them but due to lock-down and everything being shut I have had plenty of time to focus on my assignments and get as much done as I can because you never know when rules could change. Take this time to get on with any work so you don’t have to worry about it nearer the deadline.

Try something New!

I know this will not be the first time you are hearing this but with all the extra time, trying something you might have been thinking about or something completely new, might help you pass the time. You never know you might find yourself a new hobby you never knew you would be into.

Take a Break!

Sometimes just thinking about work or anything in general, can be overwhelming; so do not forget to take a break from everything and relax and clear your mind. Do something you love or even lie on your bed and do nothing from time to time, just not all day. Whenever I feel like having a break, I like to cook as it calms me down and helps me think.

These times can be challenging but do not forget there is an end to every tunnel.

See you in my next blog!


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