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New Year, New Beginnings!

New Year, New Beginnings!


Hey Everyone, with the commencing of 2021 here, I share my views on 2020…..

2020 has definitely been a very challenging year for most of us, as all of a sudden, our daily life came to a halt, and we couldn’t do anything about it. For me, it also bought in a lot of negative thoughts due to not being able to do what I want, and enjoy my life as a student as I might have planned or thought I would in the beginning of the year.

The year also provided me with a lot of time to reflect on myself from a different point of view. I was able to sit back and realise that with my everyday life of juggling work and university, I never got time to do things I always said I wanted to. So I decided to finally put my free time to use and started focusing on my to-do list, that I had just crushed up and threw in the corner of my drawer at some point. I decided to start cooking and experimenting with new dishes again, how I use to during my summer breaks in school, making me relive my childhood memories. I also focused on my video editing skills as video making and editing is something I have always been interested in but never got time to do it. And also focus on my food blog, I once started but then completely forgot about it. I wouldn’t say I perfected all those skills and activities but at least I was happy to finally make a start.

The free time also gave me the opportunity to celebrate festivals and enjoy festivities again, doesn’t matter if they were just at home. I haven’t been able to celebrate in few years as I was usually busy working or completing deadlines for my assignments. I realised why not make the most of this given free time and celebrate, as soon I am going to start working full time once I finish uni next year I might not get chance again to enjoy these festivities.

The beginning of the new year is always a reflection on our past selves; this year might not have been easy or as planned, but it has surely given all of us some time to finally sit back and relax from our everyday busy schedules. So by reflecting on your past, its time to leave the negativity behind with the passing year and start the new year on a positive note with hopes that things will get normal soon!

See you soon with the next blog!

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