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Things I learned in 2020

Things I learned in 2020


Hi everyone!

Firstly, Happy New Year!

I think everyone would agree that 2020 was a unique year, lots of things happened, and it has been challenging for every one of us. However, it’s a new year and a fresh start. Today, I would like to share the things I learned in 2020.

1. Let go of regrets

Everyone made mistakes or wrong decisions. Some of them may even have a big impact on your life. Particularly in a unique situation like this. It’s okay that you made a decision that you think may not be good. Things are changing every day; every minute, every second, you can’t predict everything that will happen. All you can do is make that decision based on that moment. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and these experiences will help you make better choices in the future, so don’t blame yourself.

2. Let go of the past

The past is gone, and don’t think about it again. Thinking about it again and again won’t change what’s happened. Let go of the past and move forward; make plans on what you want to do in the future. Getting stuck in the past won’t do you any good.

3. Dealing with uncertainty

During this pandemic, many things happened that were out of our control. It’s probably something that we have never had to deal with, before covid. I was one of those kinds of people, that was terrible at dealing with uncertainly. I would plan everything and make sure everything goes as planned. However, during this pandemic, I have learned that many things are not under my control, and I have learned to accept it.

4. Not being perfect

It’s okay not to be perfect. Everyone has an ideal life, and so do I. However, you don’t need to force yourself to do every single thing perfectly. Even though you may not have the best grades, the perfect job, or the perfect life you want now, you can still live perfectly fine! Aiming for perfection is good, but sometimes, you will also put pressure on yourself, which may even make things worse.

5. Live in the present

2020 may not be the best year, but 2020 allows me to understand that anything could happen in our life. I have regrets, missed many things, and couldn’t do what I planned or wanted to do. But you can’t change reality, but what you can change is your mindset!

6. Say bye to all the sad memories

Lastly, say goodbye to all the sad memories! Staying positive will help you go further, especially in the current situation. 2020 might not be as good as you had wished, but try to let go of the sad memories you have, focus on the present and live in the moment.

I want to tell you that you have been exceptional last year. Even though things may not be as you wish, you are doing great!

Happy New Year, and I wish you a wonderful 2021!

See you next week~

Hoi Yan

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