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To new beginnings…

To new beginnings…

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is well and happy.

This post would be my last blog post on UCB international student blog. The time I spent writing on here has been very enjoyable and insightful, but I guess this is the end of the road for me as an international student blogger. Time sure does fly; I didn’t even realise it was time to go.

As the common saying goes, “All good things must come to an end”. It is true that in life, nothing lasts forever and the only constant in life is change. I also believe that when one door closes, another one opens. The time has come for a new beginning. This positive experience has definitely made me grow. I look forward to seeing what possibilities and opportunities may rise out of this whole experience.

I’ve never really been one that likes attention (both bad and good!) so being a student blogger was definitely something out of my comfort zone. It was weird (also, scary) when people approach me and mention my posts because being silent feels more comfortable to me. That was one of my main concerns initially. Being transparent and authentic at the same time is a constant struggle because I am so used to keeping things hidden and away from people. In a way, it felt like I am gradually opening up to people and showing a fragment of who I am (unapologetically and with courage!)

It is through the blog that I finally realise that I do have something to offer to the world, albeit it not being everyone’s cup of tea. I found positive qualities in myself that I did not even know I possess. I also learned that I truly am my own worst critic. Looking back, my previous worries seemed very trivial, and I can now laugh at myself for worrying too much. So, what everyone can take from my last blog post is that don’t be confined to your comfort zone for too long and anticipate your growth when you take the first step out.

I am truly grateful to have this wonderful experience. I’m glad that I seized the opportunity with the encouragement from my friends. As much as I am proud of myself, I really think people, who have been with me from the start of this journey, deserve some credit too. Their endless support has made it worthwhile and a lot more bearable.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has been reading my posts. I hope you enjoy the read as much I enjoy writing it.

And that’s all from me.

Till we meet again,

Nurul A’dilah Ahmad, a beginner once again.

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