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If you’re feeling doubtful of yourself, read this.

If you’re feeling doubtful of yourself, read this.

No one is immune to self-doubt. It’s hard work to banish or silence those thoughts of self-doubt. There’s no instant fix for overcoming this complex issue but having the intention to fix it is already a step closer to the solution (if you’re at this stage, pat yourself on the back!)

With doubts, the longer you think about it, the more your mind believes it as the truth. People get easily lost in thoughts of self-doubt, and in the end, our eyes can see it as the only truth. In reality, it’s not even close to the truth. I find it amazing how our fear can twist our minds into believing something unreal. If only we could somehow reverse the effect or learn to use that ability in a positive way, we would be brave enough to go for whatever we want in our life. The deeper we get lost in thoughts of self-doubt, the more detrimental the effect will be to our health.

I think self-doubt has been a huge factor behind why people get stuck in their life. Many of us look for ways to make it disappear, but the problem with that is it will never go away. Self-doubt is part of being human; it’s normal to feel that way. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t let this be the reason why we become unable to achieve our goals in life. We may not be able to eliminate the feeling, but what we can do is learn to reclaim the power it held over us.

If we have no fear or insecurities, we truly would be so powerful and unstoppable. It’s amazing what we can achieve when we have mastered the art of silencing our self-doubt and become fearless. This brings me back to the conversation I had with a friend about seeking proper help. When we get the proper help we need and actively try to fix our issues, those issues became less significant. We will seek other important things to focus on in our life. Even if you can still feel the presence of self-doubt there, it’s so small and insignificant that it doesn’t get in the way of achieving what you truly want. Next time you start to doubt yourself, try to challenge it and ask what if the opposite is the actual truth.

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