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This year has been the most technological ever! It seems everything has moved on to some kind of online platform to avoid any possible risks. It has some good and some inconvenient sides, so I thought I would share my opinion as a university student. I believe it is important to know if online delivery works and how students are coping with it. It can be good practice to accept different perspectives and consider them, even applying them to our own lives or by simply just agreeing with unpopular opinions.

I believe taking classes in person is what the whole university experience is about. The whole journey is exciting but let’s be honest; it can always be improved. Everyone’s situation is different, but personally, I like online classes. I should probably mention I attend uni a couple of times a week also, but it’s mostly online. The reason I like online classes is because they give me time and commodity to arrange everything how I like, in order to pay attention to the class. It feels as if I can control things a little bit more, and breaking the ice feels easier no matter if it’s the teacher or classmates. It truly feels like a more personalised teaching method where I get to learn even better than I used to, having all these technological tools in my hands.

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Clearly, not everything can be perfect and online classes are sometimes not perfect. Paying attention can be difficult sometimes. Although, I consider that it is a perfect way to see how responsible we are. Students may be young adults, but we are adults. We are capable of differentiating what is good and not. That is why I like it, but I definitely would not voluntarily take them forever.

As I mentioned, I attend some classes at uni, which I like. I have found a good balance between taking care of social distancing and successfully attending both teaching methods. I am not going to lie; online classes are probably my favourite method ever. I like to be comfortable when taking classes. During normal times it is common to spend almost a whole day at university because of different reasons, which is something that I try to avoid since it’s simply not comfortable to me. That is why a diversified teaching system like the one I’m taking right now I what I go for.

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For now you can decide whether you want to take online classes only or not. So try to adjust yourself in a way that you feel comfortable. It all will go back to normal one day but for now we should adjust ourselves to what we can have right now. I hope you can change or experiment with my perspective and try to see online classes different.

Don’t forget to wash your hands and stay safe,


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