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Thoughts on words

Thoughts on words

As someone who writes a lot, words are very significant to me. Not because I write them but because it means more than just what it is defined by. I often wonder what people feel when they read what I wrote. I guess you can say I am insecure, but at the moment, I am genuinely curious about it more than I am insecure. I have always known that words are powerful enough to build people up but also powerful enough to bring them down.

Ever since I was young, I have always been amazed at how the words I read or hear being spoken could invoke certain feelings. Even two words that have the same meaning, but when spoken or used, we can notice how different the words actually are. Ironically, I seem to struggle to explain this precisely, but I hope people understand me. I don’t know if other people feel the same way about words as I do.

I used to be very obsessed with expanding my vocabulary. I guess my English teachers who have taught me in the past have influenced that obsession. I remember when I was younger in English classes, whenever my fellow classmates use words that weren’t in my vocabulary, I would feel incompetent and try to read more in an attempt to discover new words so I can be on the same level as everyone else.
However, now I have a different view on expanding vocabulary. I think words are more important than ever now, especially as we grow older because it’s part of who we are. I’ve learned that I should focus on being precise rather than trying to keep up with everyone else’s vocabulary. When I think of words now, I think of how it helps me to put my thoughts into words. I think the issue we all face is struggling to convey our thoughts precisely. Just like our identity, it could be easily misunderstood.

The more words I know, the clearer my thoughts will be and the easier it will be for me to be able to make others understand my thoughts. I love words because I could spend hours thinking about it and how it helps me to cultivate creativity.

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