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October 31st celebrations in Latin America

October 31st celebrations in Latin America

Worldwide celebrations are quite interesting because all around the globe they are received differently. One of the most interesting and, in a sense, odd celebration is Halloween. It is a spooky season but with a twisted fun partying end. Although, I have seen and heard of traditions on this date around Latin America which are not like the common customs.

Este fin de semana: ¡Farafarachín! A celebrar el Día Nacional de la Mascarada - La Nación

Dia de Muertos – México

The most popular tradition in Latin America is Dia de Muertos, where Mexicans celebrate bringing back the memories of their loved ones who are not in life anymore. They gather pictures, flowers, candles, favourite food, among other things, to remember them and most importantly to keep their names alive. It’s all about remembering and being together as a family rather than the concept of Halloween.

Dia de la canción criolla – Perú

In my country, on this day, we celebrate the day and the criolla genre of music. This is an influence of music brought by the slaves and indigenous during the colonisation of the coat of Peru. On this day, we basically spend the day listing to that kind of music and eating tradition Peruvian food all day. At night time, there are home family parties where everyone gathers to celebrate our amazing culture.

Dia de la mascarada – Costa Rica

In Costa Rica the indigenous communities gave the population a tradition where they listen to music, create costume masks of the death and spooky characters, and eat traditional food. All to remember their past and all that’s bad and evil in the world. Actually, this tradition was proposed to replace Halloween and support their culture as well as small communities who still believe and work on these kinds of old celebrations.

La canción criolla: origen y apogeo | EL MONTONERO

I think it is pretty interesting how one day can have so many different meanings all around the world. I hope these traditions were something new and fun to learn in this spooky month. It is always good to know what is going on in other places to expand our knowledge.

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