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6 Truths to Live By

6 Truths to Live By

• Insecurity doesn’t mean weakness.
Our insecurity does not measure our capability. No one can be good at everything. When we accept our flaws and embrace our vulnerability, we gain inner strength as we have nothing to hide from others. We become more transparent and learn to judge ourselves before others do. This way, we learn to not give other people the power to judge us.

• Happiness is not a constant feeling.
Not trying to burst anyone’s bubble, but constant happiness is unrealistic. Happiness is a positive feeling, but just like any other feelings, it is temporary. It comes and goes. This is completely normal. We have the power to choose what makes us happy and how long that happiness can last but we can’t expect to be happy all the time. Don’t be discouraged, even if our happiness is short-lived; there are many reasons we can find to be happy. A happy person could also experience a bad day and feel sadness.

• Live your life as your own.
Living life as your own means making decisions and choices for yourself. You get to focus on what you genuinely want to do and how you want to do it. It’s prioritising and investing what is important and meaningful to us. It seems that people forget that everyone has their own lives to live; no one should live for the sake of others. Being able to live life on our own terms should be a true achievement in life.

• Appreciate and enjoy the little things.
We need to appreciate the little things in life, so we don’t become greedy. One way to do this is by practising gratitude for everyday things that we often take for granted. This helps in shifting the focus from what we lack to what we already have. People are too focused on achieving big things in life that they forget that it’s the little things that build-up to the big events in their life.

• Go with the flow.
You don’t always have to have your whole life figured out. The truth is nobody has it figured out. It’s okay to revise your plans and make some adjustments. You have the right to do that. We change and learn new things as we grow, so it’s reasonable that we make adjustments in different stages of our life.

• Let go of control.
Many of us struggle with control in life. When we let go, it somehow feels like a defeat to us. We end up micro-managing everything so that things will turn out exactly like we want them to. However, we fail to realise that the more we control things, the less control we will have. We somehow believe that this control will give us what we want but this control can also lead to anxiety, insecurity and sadness. Real freedom comes from letting go of control.

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