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How to get a car? – Student advice

How to get a car? – Student advice

Life gets easier the moment you replace public transport with your own car. All of a sudden, time becomes more precious and valuable. That is why most of us decide to get one. But it is not as simple as just wanting it or just paying for it, there is more to it, and because of that, I’m going to write about how to get a car.

There are a couple of factors to think about before considering getting a particular car. One has to check on what type of car is it, manual, automatic, or semi-automatic, and if you are eligible to drive it. Then, knowing the amount of miles ridden, type, and quantity of petrol to fill it. As well as the CO2 category and, of course, making sure the car is in perfect condition because that will affect not only your monthly expenses on it but the insurance quote.

Insurance is probably one of the most stressful steps because it can limit your car choice because it is often important to be smart and realistic with money when a student. Commonly among students, the age, type of car, location, and student status are the reasons for very high and unrealistic quotes, so it is always good to investigate different companies and carefully pick your car.

There are some mandatory car requirements to evaluate that are yearly expenses also. One of these is the MOT test, which will make sure your car is safe for you and others to be driven on the road. And the other requirement is the car tax, which is basically paying for the CO2 emissions produced by your car.

On the other side, putting apart the necessary steps, there are some extra additions that you can subscribe to, like breakdown cover to secure yourself if your car suddenly stops working in the middle of the road. This is just a recommendation that I have considered because now that your life may be pending on a car, you need to start thinking about the possible hazards and how to avoid them.

Any decision that you take will affect how much money you are going to spend on the mandatory requirements, so it is very important to investigate the best car that suits your economic situation. My best advice is not to be desperate because your first car doesn’t have to be the car of your dreams; you have to build yourself up first and then progressively get there; for now, be realistic and pick carefully.

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