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How to pass your driving theory test the first time?

How to pass your driving theory test the first time?

I am so happy to announce that I am a step closer to getting my driving licence! I successfully passed my theory test last week without taking any classes or attending any learning centres. So, if you want to know how to pass your driving theory test first time then keep reading the post!

Before considering studying and doing anything, you have to get into the right mindset. It is important to understand that getting on to this path of getting a driving licence is not a game because everything you learn will have to stick around forever. Since it’s not a game, the learning will have to be conscious. Once you understand that, then you can move on.

My method to practice the theory was to download an official app by the DVSA called “UK Driving Theory Test” on the App Store. Then proceed to pay for the premium version (£4.99), where you can study and get access to absolutely all the theory, practice exam-type questions and mock exams (both the 50 question exam and the hazard perception test).

I thoroughly recommend studying on the app because it’s convenient whenever you have spare time. You can try your knowledge by taking mock exams which will let you know all the mistakes and right answers to improve every single time.

Don’t think by getting the app the work is done. What I did was to practice every single topic which comes in 15 different sections with 20-113 questions each. I made sure I passed them to start then taking mock exams to make everything more realistic but most importantly understanding and learning the topics I was revising.

I thought I would never pass the exam but if you take it seriously and if it’s something you really want then studying will be nothing since it’s one of the trainings you need to do before being on the road.

I suggest this kind of studying since it’s cheap, handy and gives you more accurate knowledge of questions from the real exam. I hope this information will be helpful to anyone who is reading the blog. I also hope you pass your exam first time, but if not, the world is not going to end, you can do this!

Don’t forget to wash your hands and stay safe,


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