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Intelligence vs. Wealth

Intelligence vs. Wealth

Intelligence versus wealth. If you have the choice to choose only one which one would you choose?

Some time ago, I had an interesting conversation with a beloved friend. We were both admiring a female Malaysian social media influencer. She is the epitome of beauty with brains (she’s currently in her final year of a law degree) and judging by what she shows on her social media, her family seems relatively well-off. She’s got the whole package! Being around the same age as my friend and me, we couldn’t help but feel so bad about our own lives (we shouldn’t but we’re only human). It seems as if she’s got it all figured out.

I admired her intelligence and wished to be as smart as her. This confused my friend, who was envious of her financial status and beauty. When I explained to my friend how there’s a lot of opportunities to be rich if you are intelligent, she praises me for being so wise. However, I came across an article on how intelligence influences wealth. After reading the article, I felt self-doubt creep into my mind and questioned whether I am wise or not for thinking intelligence could be the key for being well-off in the future.

Some might argue intelligence may not always indicate one’s financial success in the future. The article I was reading focuses more on effort, skill, discipline and persistence (to name a few) to be the determining factors for financial success. It also highlights how intelligent people may not be so lucky in terms of financial gain. Intelligence is important, but without effort, it’s a waste. Sure it does play some part to a certain degree in our path to success but intelligence alone cannot guarantee that.

It goes without saying that success could have a different definition to everyone. In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether you are intelligent or not, that can be developed as we grow. To ensure success in whatever form you think success is, the effort and skill we put in to complement our intelligence needs to be consistent.

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