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5 Things I wouldn’t have done without lockdown

5 Things I wouldn’t have done without lockdown

In some ways, it could be said that this current pandemic has changed our lives for good. The impact for some has been huge, so much so that some of us have made decisions that will affect us forever. I personally have bought and made things that I wouldn’t have even imagined doing this young. I think we had a lot of time during the lockdown to think about ourselves and think about treating ourselves better before anything happens or just to live in the moment. Definitely, some random thoughts probably hit us, but that is okay. I don’t think any of us knew how to deal with a pandemic like this. That is why I decided to write about the things I wouldn’t have done without lockdown because we have to see the bright side of everything.

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1. I got a dog
I am a dog person, I endlessly love dogs, especially chihuahuas, because I have one back home. I have wanted a new dog for a while, but I didn’t have the time to train it. But guess what? Lockdown happened, so I decided to take that chance and couldn’t be happier with that decision.

2. I started my driving license application
I already drive in my home country, but I can’t use my Peruvian license in England. That’s why for 2 years I ignored the British driving license application that I had to do when I first moved to the UK. Finally, during lockdown, I was bored and thinking about all the pending things I desperately needed to do, and that’s when I applied for it.

3. I bought an electric scooter
Technology is a world that I don’t know that much about but I definitely wanted to get into because its the future. I spent my birthday quarantining, I wanted to get me something I truly liked, and after investigating about scooters, I decided to get me one. And now, its my number one favourite transport method, it has changed the way I see and use transportation, and I love it!

4. I re-model my apartment
A trip to Ikea is sometimes needed. While taking one of these not so common trips, I randomly decided to get some furniture to give my apartment a different look. I even got some outdoor furniture to enjoy the sun and my new puppy at the time. I built a fence and during those hot days in summer, I would enjoy it with my flatmate and dog. Some investments give back in different ways.

5. I became addictive to anti-bacterial products
No one wants to get infected; that’s why people are taking care of themselves and their homes a lot, and definitely, so am I. Did you know that not all cleaning products kill bacteria’s? I have always known that but i didn’t really bother about getting products that labelled that, but since lockdown started, I began to spend considerable time reading labels from products to make sure I would get quality anti-bacterial products for my place.

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I know for a fact a lot of us have made some crazy decisions here and there, but I’m proud of the ones I made. I think it convinced me to spend on things that would make me enjoy my time off work and uni, so I couldn’t be happier with my small big changes. If you have made some crazy changes too don’t feel sorry now that everything is going back to normal, try to cope with it and enjoy it; you don’t live a pandemic like this one twice.

Don’t forget to stay safe and wash your hands,

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