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Goodbye Birmingham and UCB

Goodbye Birmingham and UCB

Hey everyone,

I never thought this post would come so soon, but today is my last post for the international blog. I am sad to be writing this, but I know better things are coming for me and for the future bloggers on this page.

First of all, I would like to thank Jane, who was the person who hired me and saw some potential in what I was going to do. I was so happy on the day that I got the job that I texted all of my friends and they were so pleased as well.

Secondly, I would like to thank everyone that spent at least 5 minutes of their day reading my posts each week, and I hope you all enjoyed them.

It was always one of my dreams to write for a blog, and who knows if I might be creating my own one at the beginning of the new academic year. I wanted to also say thank you to all the staff members at University College Birmingham who made my dream of studying abroad possible and made it an incredible experience that I will never regret.

To all the new students, I just want to say hello and welcome to UCB! At this university, you will find a lot of opportunities in terms of work experience and personal life. You will meet amazing people from around the world, and I can ensure you that you will meet your best friends for life like I met mine. I want you to enjoy every moment possible, to attend every student event – even if it’s not what you wish to now, it is essential for you to attend and to understand all the opportunities that are available outside of the university.

Lastly, I want you to do your best and never take any module for granted just because you understand what you are learning in class, work hard in every assignment and always try to do better in the next one.

In terms of my academic experience, it was also great! I had amazing lectures which made me realise that I was in the right course and made me want to learn more and research more about the path I was following. I had some assignments that made me feel stressed, and some graces were not what I expected, but I never gave up, and all those assignments and grades only made me feel more motivated to do better. I loved the trip that we had on the second year because we had the opportunity to visit a city that I have never been to before, but also, I got so much closer to my university friends and made a lot of memories.

At University College Birmingham I found a new family, a new home. But since I am an adventurous person, it’s now time to find a new home.

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See you soon,

Madalena Ribeiro

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