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Dreams in life

Dreams in life

Since we were young, we have been taught to pick a certain life path and to follow through with it as we grow older, until we arrive at what we assume will be success and many other life-fulfilling things. We were always told to never give up and always believe in ourselves. We used to think that meant not straying away from what we have started in life but as we experience life, we somehow see a different message behind those encouraging words.

Sometimes, the dream we wanted when we were younger changes as we grow. It could also be that we become a totally different person from when we started our journey. I’m sure that most people have experienced a time in their lives when you have a sudden realisation that the things you once wanted in the past are not what you want for your future. It’s okay to find out that maybe what we thought we wanted wasn’t what we expected it to be. We can’t force ourselves to follow that dream just because it’s what we thought we wanted.

It’s true that some people are not very fond of changes. We are so used to what is familiar and whatever is outside of that familiarity invokes feelings of impending doom, even if staying with the familiarity could be destructive to us and going out of our comfort zone could be more beneficial. However, it is also a fact that we humans are always going through a period of change and are constantly trying to adapt to new things in life.

Sometimes we lose the significance of our dreams as we live. We realise that things are not as we think. It’s not too late to find out what our real dreams are and it’s most definitely not too late to start working on our dreams no matter what age we are. There is more to life than just what we know. It makes sense to change dreams because we have found a new perspective on our past dreams. It makes sense because we learn new things and we have new opinions. It’s acceptable to change or adjust our new dreams based on these new opinions and knowledge.

When we imagine our dream life, we often see it from other people’s point of view. We make ourselves believe that it looks good to others so that’s what we want. Maybe it’s time to think for ourselves what we want it to look like in our own eyes, and work for that dream which reflects our values and who we are as person. You are allowed to change your destination.

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