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Tips for living with flatmates

Tips for living with flatmates

University is starting very soon and for that we are excited because the new normal is allowing us to enjoy our once-in-a-lifetime journey. Although we are getting closer to the starting date, we still have some things to consider once we are there.

One of the things to consider is accommodation but once that is sorted, the truth is that we don’t know who are we going to live with (in case you are staying at a uni-flat) and how are we going to cope with them.

As an international student, my biggest fear was not understanding my flatmates. By that, I mean it in every single possible way. I had a different background, spoke another language and I didn’t know the city. But I managed to somehow use these differences in my favour to not only live with them but be friends.

Here are some tips from me to you that I have already tried and that made my first year memorable:

1. Be understanding, friendly

Understanding others is essential if you want to share a flat with others. It means that you have to be considerate. How can you do that? Don’t be loud at unreasonable hours in the morning and at night time. Try to help by cleaning the common areas and keep your spaces nice and tidy. There’s nothing worse that living in a messy place.

2. Propose social gatherings

Propose the idea of gathering at a club, cafe or even at the common areas every week so you can chat about the flat and each other. Maybe the first few weeks will be about the flat chores but it will become more personal so the flat eventually becomes a little more friendly and nicer to live in.

3. Be organised

Communication is very important to keep the place up. Sharing duties will make everyone work equally. Setting cleaning schedules will let the flat pass inspections. You want to avoid problems with the people you live and study with. Be smart and just be organised and share the thought so there is harmony around the flat.

Following simple actions will help you live with people you haven’t met yet and actually cope with them. I know it is stressful thinking about it but everyone wants calm and peace in the flat, so if you mention any of these tips, they will accept in order to make the flatmate relationship work.

Don’t forget to wash your hands stay safe.


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