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As we are nearing a new academic year, I am reminded of my academic journey as a university student.

Let’s talk about being a university student. I think we can all agree being a student is hard, especially if you have to move away from your family to get education. Everything in life requires sacrifices. It is the bitter and harsh truth of life. There is no success without sacrifices. Sometimes we need to give up something in order to gain something better in life. Being away from family may be difficult for us but it helps us to learn to live independently.

Being a university student signifies the transition to adulthood. We are forced to live a life of independence whether we are ready or not. Many of us struggle to balance social life, sleep and academic performance (for some, they have love life thrown into the mix as well). There’s no one to tell or force us to go to class, to study or to get some sleep. We are completely free to make unbiased decisions. We have no one to rely on but ourselves for discipline.

They say time management is the key but let’s admit it, it takes time to develop this propitious skill. We always find ourselves asking for more time as it does not seem to be on our side. It seems that there is not enough time for us to do everything, be it sleep or assignments or socialising. We barely have any time to just sit still and relax. There’s always something to do. No matter which aspect of our life we prioritise, we will soon find that we are losing other aspects of our lives.

We grow distant from people in our lives because we are busy handling everything on our own. We get anxious about how we perform academically. Being in a university is a huge change in our academic environment. The work is hard and very demanding. Some may feel like they’re not doing enough (I always do!). Some still have no idea what they are doing, but worry not! The time will come when we get to enjoy the outcome of our hard work. We just have to be patient and keep working towards our goals. Even if you don’t have a goal, that’s fine too. Just believe that whatever you are doing now is for your future.

To all my fellow university students or soon-to-be university students, I hope you know that you’re not alone and that we can overcome this. Let’s not get easily discouraged by the hard life we live as students. We should not think of the sacrifices as something long term. We must think of the short-term sacrifices we make as an investment for our future.

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