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Moving day: Student halls or your own place?

Moving day: Student halls or your own place?

We are less than 2 months away from finally coming back to university and being independent again. This means that we should be thinking about where to live at and what plans we have for our big comeback.

As a second year student, I remember how scared I was to move out by myself and how confused I was about where to move. That’s why I want to recommend a couple of aspects that helped me having an unforgettable first-year:

I will always recommend first-year students try to consider student halls because they have a very good location in the city centre and provide basic essentials to start your life in a new city and perhaps a new country. Also, making friends and having a social life will be easier to develop if you are around students all the time.

For me it meant that I wouldn’t be alone that much but meant that I would have some personal time whenever was necessary or wanted, the perfect balance. On the other hand, if you always like the company mentioned and can afford the city centre then go for it.

Moving out from student halls was a huge step for me. The reason why I decided to leave the halls was because I wanted a bigger place and to have a little bit more privacy. Don’t get me wrong, waking up every day and cooking breakfast with your flatmate is such a nice and comfortable daily activity, but after a year I became more independent and enjoyed more being with fewer people. I would recommend students who are more independent to pick your own place. You get to experience yourself at the maximum level, which can be very interesting.

If you feel like you are not sure either way, then sign a 6-month contract so in a very short time you can change your decision and experience both accommodations.

No matter what year you are in, just trust yourself with what you want. It is a big step but try to make a pros and cons list so you can pick the best option that suits you.

Remember to wash your hands and be safe!


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