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Moving from Birmingham

Moving from Birmingham

Hello everyone.

I hope you are well and staying safe.

I went back to Birmingham two weeks ago to move out of my apartment in Birmingham to start my life as a master’s student in a different city. It was mixed with emotions coming back to Birmingham. I was happy since I was going to see my best friends, but, at the same time, I was leaving the apartment where I spent the last two years and where I had amazing memories and the best years of my life. To Birmingham, I only have to say ‘thank you’ for providing me with the best years and the best experiences. But, today, I am here to tell you about how moving can be stressful.

I started packing all my stuff, which was a lot, in the first week I was back in Birmingham. You have no idea how much stuff I had and how much I donated to a charity shop in the city centre. I always clean my wardrobe, and I found a lot of clothes that I brought to Birmingham at the beginning of my first year and that I had never worn, so I donated those ones. I also gave away other clothes that I don’t wear that often. I know someone who needs more than me will appreciate it.

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Packing the kitchen was another nightmare because my boyfriend and I had a lot of food left, which we gave to one of my best friends since she is staying for at least one more year in Birmingham. We also gave her our plates and many other kitchen utensils that we will buy in the next house. If you are moving, try to give away what you don’t want instead of putting in the bin because I can ensure you that if you don’t ask them if they want/need it, your friends will never ask for it.

In this massive move, I was so lucky that the security of the building I was leaving had a trolley that we used to move to our friend’s house. In this picture, you can see the trolley for one of our trips and as you can see, it was full. We bought a couple of boxes on Amazon and for the rest, we used all the bags that we used for storage over the years.

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I am now ready for the next step. I’m not sure where it will be, but I know it will be great! If you are moving to Birmingham and starting at University College Birmingham, just take my advice and enjoy everything that this city has to offer to you. Birmingham will open your eyes in many different ways, but it will also help you grow!

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See you next week.


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