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A week without internet – a student’s nightmare

A week without internet – a student’s nightmare

Internet has become vital for everyone, but especially during the pandemic. Spending time doing indoor activities is now safer and although the world is progressively reopening, it hasn’t quite reached the ‘normal’ point yet. For this reason, internet, Wi-fi, data or whatever you want to call it is a must-have to fulfil our sloth-like lives.

I want to mention this personal inconvenience of not having Wi-fi for a week because whoever is reading this post is going to experience a failed internet connection and may remember this as a funny, relatable story in the future.

I think adulting is realisation of problems. A clear example is acknowledging a failure on the Wi-fi  and having a very poor understanding of the area following this miserable luck. Trying to bear with customer care lines, but failing under the complex system of waiting for technicians to come to your home and help you.

There’s not much I can say about how I solved it because I literally just had to wait for a technician to come to my place and fix it. What I can say is, the process is interesting.

Whenever I get my routine stopped, I somehow become productive. Basically, cleaning is my go-to when I don’t have anything to do. Not having Wi-fi is tough because in our little minds, it means no communication or streaming services. Luckily, life means more than that, there are more things that we have to take care of. It’s good to work off those home chores and think about ourselves.

Throughout these days, I made myself comfortable, making sure I was doing enough chores and enjoying myself. That’s when I started to set mini goals everyday, like walking 10,000 steps, at least, or watching certain programmes on TV that I like, but never see because the truth is that I don’t watch TV. I also reattached with reading and skincare.

The holidays when you don’t have internet is all about trying to distract yourself. I think it’s worth it because we are living a pandemic. If something similar happens to you in this situation, just swallow it and find activities to do. Don’t be mad, start being productive.

I hope this blog is a nice reminder for you in the future. Please don’t forget to wash your hands and stay safe.


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