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Going back to work and dealing with mental health

Going back to work and dealing with mental health

The lockdown has taught us that nothing can be as easy as it sounds.

Just remember when we had to quarantine, it sounded like unlimited holidays, yet the whole world got bored after a few days. Now we are facing getting our lives back, by simply doing what we used to do, work. But even that seems difficult because it’s not like it used to be.

It’s totally valid to feel like we are scared, not ready or maybe we just want to quit. We have lived through times where we had to fight over toilet paper, have an insane obsession with cleaning and even being frustrated bakers. We literally changed our lives from one day to the other so being insecure is not something to hide but speak out about.

I work in the hospitality area and I received notice that I will be going back to work. The only thing that went through my mind was: how am I going to do it again? Am I even good? Will I have the same motivations? So in that moment I knew I couldn’t be the only one feeling like this. That’s why I will share some tips from me to you – I hope they help:

– Don’t be shy

If you feel you are not capable of providing your best then determine what you need. Is time? Spending time on your hobbies? Do you need your rota to be re-fixed? Then you should talk to your human resource section or manager and show your interest to the company but talk about your situation. During these times, I’m pretty sure you and your work team are going to find an amazing solution.

– Keep up with your hobbies

You probably found some new activity that needs time. So, organise yourself and dedicate some time for it every day or week. It will make you feel like you have control of the situation, which is good because we need to take care and guide ourselves to come back like never before.

– Think about decisions

Quitting might be an option right now. Remember that every move at this point has to be reviewed properly. Consider the possible lack of job offers but if you feel you need a break of working, then go for it. Put yourself first, don’t let anything or anyone take you down.

I hope these recommendations will help you to go back to work. Don’t forget to respect social distancing and wash your hands.


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