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Dead city – the reopening

Dead city – the reopening

Lockdown has finally changed. It’s being eased little by little and for the first time ever, we have been following every process in order to get our lives back to normal.

We are at a point where we are almost done with quarantine, where we might see everything as we did before. It’s exciting to see all the changes and how much all this social distancing was worth it.

On 15 June some Bullring shops reopened as well as others outside the city centre. In fact, as the days passed, more shops and the markets decided to reopen too, which definitely brought that life essence to the second biggest city in the UK.

I visited the city centre on the first day of coming back and two weeks afterwards. What do I have to say? It’s crowded! There’s a lot of people queuing, walking around, on bikes, just existing and eating from takeaway restaurants.

I personally think that people should keep more distance and try to take care until the virus can be contained. It worries me because at times it seems like we have never been social distancing, but I understand spending too much time inside home can be just too much.

There are some good highlights that I have to mention. I noticed that shopping centre circulation is not saturated, there aren’t long queues (as far as I know), shops are providing anti-bacterials and most of the people are conscious of the current situation.

I have to say that if you want to go out shopping, feel free to go, at the end of the day, there’s no more strict social-distancing. Although that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still take care of yourself to avoid COVID-19.

Enjoy summer, use sunscreen and wash your hands. Be safe,


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