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Getting an e-scooter – student experience

Getting an e-scooter – student experience

There is no doubt that the pandemic is driving us crazy. I mean we are buying compulsively and procrastinating at its maximum. But I do believe among this time wasted and vague dreams to buy things that as students we just can’t afford, something good must come up.

I got into the electronic world. Watching some videos about e-bikes, e-scooters and even electric cleaning machines. But just one of these gadgets caught my attention: e-scooters.

I did hours of research for “fun” but this fun turned into something more real. So I decided to evaluate the idea of getting one. That’s when I chose to get one: the Zoom Stryder Ex.

I don’t live or work in Birmingham city centre as more students might. So that was enough to convince me. It was such an investment to get one but I feel it’s going to take me to places around the city without exposing myself to COVID-19 or getting sweaty. To me, these two points were key, and think about it! I consider for these crazy times it’s more than enough.

I picked the Zoom Stryder Ex because it has enough capacity to take me from Birmingham to Moseley (workplace) in one charge, it will cope with Birmingham’s irregular hills and take a decent speed for the price.

After trying it, I can confirm that what I thought at the beginning is true. Riding the scooter is a blast, it’s not only fun but it provides a good service. I can’t be happier with it and I would recommend it to students who can’t afford to have a car yet and need transport around the city.

I hope you enjoyed my experience of my new toy. If you would like to know more about it, I recommend you to watch Ben Fox’s channel on YouTube. Or if you would like to know where I bought mine, it’s on

Spend wisely and be safe,


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