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22 Things To Do Before Turning 22

22 Things To Do Before Turning 22

Hey everyone,

Two weeks ago, I turned 21. Although I am very proud of myself for already accomplishing so much this early in my twenties, there are still so many things I want to do while I’m young. I was going to write about 21 lessons that I learned in 21 years, but I thought about sharing with you all some things that I want to achieve and do before I turn 22.

  1. Graduate from my undergraduate degree

With the current world situation, graduation has been postponed to March, but I am very excited to graduate.

  1. Travel solo

I already caught some flights alone, but this year I want to visit a city in the UK by myself to learn more about myself.

  1. Start my master’s degree

I always wanted to study at university but never thought about doing a master’s degree until I moved to the UK. I plan to start in September 2020, but when I graduate, I will already be 22.

  1. Go to another country

If the current situation was not happening, by this time I would be travelling to the United States with my family to celebrate my birthday and the fact that I finished university. So before I turn 22 or at the moment I turn 22, I hope I can make this trip or another one outside Europe.

  1. Apply for and secure a job

In 2020/21, I will be actively looking for a role in marketing, communications or events that will allow me to put in practice what I learned on my degree and to develop more skills.

  1. Try to eat less meat and fish

I am not pretending to radically start being vegetarian, but I am planning to start eating less fish and meat. I am not doing it because of any health problems, but sometimes I feel like I don’t need the amount of fish and meat that I usually eat.

  1. Learn to cook

To achieve the one mentioned before, I need to start learning how to cook vegetarian and vegan meals.

  1. Read at least 7 books

I love to read, and during summer I usually read 3 books or more, but this year I want to continue reading books during the winter, so I set a target of 7 books until I turn 22.

  1. Learn a new language

I already speak two languages, but this year I decided I wanted to learn a new language and I am currently learning Spanish (to be more fluent) and French.

  1. Do more exercise

As I mentioned before here on the blog, I am not someone who loves to exercise and going to the gym, but during quarantine, I started exercising at home. I hope I can maintain this for the all summer and continue being motivated.

  1. Drink more water

This is super important and is something that I have to change in my life.

  1. Donate

Every year I donate clothing to a local church near my town in Portugal, but this year I plan to give at least £5 a month for a different cause.

  1. Spend less time on my phone

I currently spend 4 hours a day on my phone, and I think that is too much, so I want to start spending half of that time on my phone and if possible 2 hours a day.

  1. Add £1,000 to my savings

I don’t usually save a lot of money, but next year I want to start saving more money, and by June next year I hope I will have saved at least £1,000.

  1. Watch the sunrise and the sunset

I love watching the sunset at the beach, but this year I plan to watch the sunrise and the sunset in the same day, and I hope I can accomplish it by summer.

  1. Meet new people

I am a person who loves to talk with everyone, and one of my goals every year is to meet new people.

  1. Find a new hobby

I want to find something new that I enjoy doing for fun.

  1. Plan an interrail

My best friend and I always wanted to interrail around Europe, and we planned to do it this summer, but since it didn’t happen, we are planning to do it next year.

  1. Start driving

I have already had my driving licence for 2 years, but since I did my practical exam, I haven’t driven again, so I hope I can lose the fear that I have now and that I can start driving.

  1. Spend time with my family

I love spending time with my family, and the older I get, I understand more how important it is to have a good relationship with your family and spending time with them.

  1. Do an online course

During summer I am planning to do a few online courses, and then I can write a post about it.

  1. Do something good for myself and someone every day

So there you have my 22 things to do before I turn 22 and I have 12 months to complete them. I am so excited to take on this challenge and tick off all of my achievements! What goals have you set yourself before your next birthday?

See you next week,

Madalena Ribeiro

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