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My 21st Birthday

My 21st Birthday

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all staying well and safe. Last week was my birthday, and it was a very different birthday, but I still loved it, and it was a fantastic day. I woke up very early because I am usually very excited and I can’t sleep, and this year I had to wake up earlier because I had loads of things to do.

I started my day by going to the supermarket. I know super exciting ahaha, but it was for a good motive, as I went to buy things for my afternoon party with my friends. Consequently, I went to a bakery to pick up some pastries that I ordered for the party as well, and at the end of the morning, I went to pick up my cake. It was the prettiest cake I have ever seen and had.

I had lunch with my family and my boyfriend at a local restaurant, and the food was excellent as usual. Nowadays, going to a restaurant is very different, because you need to use a mask to enter the restaurant and apply alcohol gel every time we want to touch something.

After lunch, we went back home and started preparing for my party. The party was small because we are only allowed to be with 10 people at a time, so I invited some friends. The party started at 3pm and finished at 8pm, but it was perfect.

At 8pm I came home and watched a movie on TV with my mum. The film that we watched was “The Sun is Also a Star”. I have watched it before, but my mum hadn’t, so we watched it together, and I love that movie. The story is about Daniel Bae and Natasha Kingsley who fall in love in one day, but I am not going to tell more because I personally hate spoilers.

The Sun Is Also a Star - Wikipedia

This was my day, it was different from the previous years, but I am blessed for the love that I received from my friends from Portugal and the ones that I met in the UK and from my family.

See you next week,

Madalena Ribeiro

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