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Recommendations to stay protected during summer

Recommendations to stay protected during summer

Summer is probably the most exciting season of the year. The good weather makes people enjoy summer more because it’s not always going to be around. That’s why during this time outdoor activities are pretty popular, especially for students because summer means holidays. Unfortunately, not many of us take care of ourselves, in all kind of different ways, from eating more fast foods to not wearing sun lotion.

The importance of protecting ourselves during summer should be as much as we do during other seasons. I think we should start raising awareness towards the fact that not only children and elderly should protect themselves from our friend and enemy, the sun.

I want to share some recommendations that I have being given throughout my life about how to stay protected during summer because I am from a very hot country. If you would like to investigate deeper you can find some information here, and if you have any other concerns I recommend you contact your GP.


I think this is most common sense of protection that we all relate to sun protection. That’s why I want to go a bit further on this point.

When choosing a sunscreen, the NHS recommends one of SPF 30 or higher. Cover yourself with a generous amount 30 minutes before going out. And don’t forget to re-apply it every 2 hours as the sun can dry it off.


Clothes are meant to protect ourselves. So why not wear them as a shield! Not saying that you have to suffocate wearing trousers and long sleeves but sunglasses and some suitable clothing for the occasion.

Sun exposure

The sun is strongest between 11am and 3pm in the UK. So try to spend time in shade if you are out for longer.

I hope these recommendations will help you to cope with this summer.

Please don’t forget to protect yourself, stay hydrated and be safe.

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