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Bingeing on crime videos – Spanish-speaking friendly

Bingeing on crime videos – Spanish-speaking friendly

Lockdown is making us enjoy our time by being lazy. For some of us it’s easy, for others it’s difficult. I want to talk about my biggest obsession on YouTube: crime videos.

We all know that it’s possible to watch anything we want on YouTube but sometimes we don’t really trust new channels, at least for me it feels like I need to have some recommendations to actually spend my time watching their content. That’s why I decided that I’m going to recommend you my top 3 favourite YouTubers that cover crime videos, both in Spanish and English.

1. Paulette

This is my favourite Spanish speaker to watch covering crimes because she has really good video summaries and variety. Her content is really easy to catch on and understand since her accent and speaking is nice and clear. Even if you are not Colombian, you will get the information (Latin-American Spanish is really diverse and sometimes it’s difficult to understand colloquial words even if you speak Spanish).

She speaks English and Spanish so the information she provides is more than enough. Speaking more languages allows a person to go further into a Spanish or English-speaking case that doesn’t have much popularity. This means that the amount of information would be really poor if not. When you submerge yourself into this type of content, you’ll understand that some sources in its original language are important and you could be missing a lot.

2. Kendall Rae

Kendall was the first English-speaking YouTuber that I watched talking about these kind of videos. When I was first getting used to watching more English-speaking content, she made it really easy for me not only to understand fluently but the content. I like the way she explains the crimes and gives her opinion from her experience (she almost finished a teaching degree and now has a communication degree), it’s just fascinating. She really goes deep into information and drops some facts and scientific points that make you think about the case and want to watch more.

Her channel not only focuses on crime videos, but conspiracy theories, mysteries and history among others. So if you are open-minded about the world, you will enjoy her content.

3. Eleanor Neale

I started watching Eleanor as a recommendation and can safely say that I’ve enjoyed her videos. I’d say she is very neutral on the cases she covers because they are very informative, she doesn’t comment much on them but by showing some emotions. They are long videos so if you are someone who would like to watch videos with less personal opinions and fully enjoy the pure content, she is your best option.

In comparison to the other options, she focuses more on UK cases and her content is for an audience that follows crime videos. I would not recommend watching her videos if you are sensitive or just don’t like these kind of topics.

I invite you to get into my world of bingeing on crime videos. Please be aware of the type of content it is before watching these kind of videos. Enjoy your lockdown with some spooky videos and be safe.

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