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Interview with an Msc Aviation Management Student

Interview with an Msc Aviation Management Student

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and staying safe. This week I decided to bring you another interview with one of my friends who is an MSc Aviation Management student. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Olga, and I am a postgraduate student at University College Birmingham. I study Aviation Management.

2. Why did you come to the UK and why did you choose University College Birmingham?

Because I wanted to improve my language, meet different people, learn about different cultures and behaviour of people and so on. There were so many things that I wanted to explore.


3. What do you like most about your course?

Travelling!! As an aviation student, I went to Dubai, Amsterdam and Finland. And of course, I love aviation law which was my love at first sight in my first year at the University, haha.

4. What do you like less?

I do not know. It is hard to answer this question, because at University College Birmingham, everyone is so friendly and helpful that it is tough to find something wrong. Whatever you are struggling with, thanks to the staff you will not be “lost” for a long time. That is why it is tough to say what I like less.

5. What do you want to do after you finish your degree?

I hope that I will work full-time on the business that I am setting up.

6. Can you give any advice to future students on your course?

Lots! Haha. But so as to not write a page for this question, my advice is not to be afraid.

I know that it is hard to believe at the moment, when you are at home and you are thinking about your future. But I firmly believe that only when you approach your fear, you will be stronger than ever before. For all people who are thinking about studying at University College Birmingham and have a lot of questions, the University offers the Unibuddy platform where we are happy to answer all burning questions that you may have.

You can also watch this video featuring me: 😊


I hope you enjoyed this interview with one of my friends. Let me know if you would like me to bring more conversations with people from different courses and which courses you would like to know more about.

See you next week and be safe.

Madalena Ribeiro

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