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National dates – international student perspective

National dates – international student perspective

Did you know that Mother’s Day has a different date in almost every country? During my first year in the UK, and as a university student, I discovered so many national dates and how diverse, weird and creative they can be.

First of all, I want to talk about Mother’s Day. This special date is so important where I’m from, Peru. Although every year I can’t remember which Sunday of May it is, I always manage to find out and try to surprise my mum.

Last year, I got amazed when a friend from Spain said that it was Mother’s Day on the first week of May. I instantly wanted to make a collage with pictures on my phone and call my mum, but something in my mind made me doubt about it. That’s why I googled the date and found out in every country they celebrate it on another date. Then I proceeded to check when I celebrate it – it is the last Sunday of May in Peru. I was relieved, I didn’t miss it! It was definitely a lesson to learn about it… always double-check important dates!

Mother’s Day was definitely the most surprising fact. But there were other dates that were quite interesting, just like doughnuts and pancake day. I enjoy these two desserts and I was impressed when I found out at my flat and job that these had special dates. I mean, it’s not a huge idea but it’s quite nice to get to know them and celebrate them.

As an international student, I keep finding new facts about living in the UK and small dates like the ones I mentioned make me adjust little by little. Plus, I think it’s always lovely to get a random sweet treat out of a date!

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