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My mum’s birthday in quarantine

My mum’s birthday in quarantine

Hey everyone,

I hope you are well and staying safe. Last week was my mother’s birthday, and since we are in quarantine, we couldn’t go out to any restaurant. Since my mum loves a good brunch, I decided to organise a small one for her, without her knowing. I asked my father the day before to buy the ingredients that I needed! I woke up at 8am to ensure everything was ready by 10am.

The first thing I made was the small sausage rolls, which my dad helped me with because I have no clue how to use the oven that I have at home. Secondly, I made pancakes, and they were so good, I love pancakes.  Since it was already nine, I did the small avocado toasts and the orange juice. Lastly, I decided to do a yoghurt bowl for her, with some raspberries, granola and some seeds.

She was delighted with everything, and we were so full after brunch, we only had cake in the afternoon.

For dinner, since she loves Italian food and I have wanted pizza for so long, we decided to make homemade pizzas. They are not 100% handmade because we bought the dough, so we only add to include the toppings. We did one with chorizo and olives and the second one with ham and mushrooms. They were so yummy as well, but next time I will definitely make the dough myself.


It was a different birthday this year, but the most important thing was that we were all together and all safe and well. Next year we will have a bigger party, or when the current situation gets better, we will celebrate with the rest of the family.

See you next week and stay well,

Madalena Ribeiro

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