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Useful supermarket deals during lockdown

Useful supermarket deals during lockdown

We all aim to get the best deals when shopping, and since lockdown, that has increased. As students, we try to spend as little as we can and that’s why I started to dive into the supermarket world. This current situation gives me more advantage to know where to buy certain items, especially now when some of these are difficult to find or reach at certain times in the city centre.


Oh flour! I have never missed you so much. I’m pretty sure most of us, bakers or not, are trying to make pastries. It’s the perfect time! We would even wait that one resting hour for that dough to set up just staring at the fridge like crazies. But for some of us, it is very difficult to get flour. Now I’m going to tell you where you should be looking and what for. You might want to go on a responsible trip to Asda or Morrisons (as I have seen) for supermarket bakery flour. I’m going to attach a picture so you will have an idea of what you are looking for. I have also noticed that if you go to supermarkets out of the city, you might find it. As well as any Sainsbury’s, I have found “expensive” (£1.50) flour there at most times. I personally wouldn’t really count on Tesco to search for it, but that decision is up to you.


Pasta is probably the most uni-friendly food ever! So easy to make and enjoy with pretty much anything. This item is a little tricky to find in some express supermarkets (as I think you might be going to) but if you try to go to the normal versions of these, you will find great variety and deals. If you live at uni accommodation and you’re struggling to find it, go to Morrisons at any time. Another hack I’d give you is wisely looking into the gluten free section. Think if you really need it because someone else might too.


This item is not that difficult to find but maybe if you are looking for a soap that is anti-bacterial at the same time, you might want to read this. I personally like some specific brands because I trust them. I would recommend you buy a liquid soap container and buy Carex at Poundland refills of the version. For me this works perfectly, you can trust it and it’s safe. Nothing better than a perfect combo!

I hope these recommendations will make your life a bit easier during these tough times. Be responsible while shopping, think about others and take precautions. Stay at home, be safe!

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