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What I have opened my eyes to during lockdown

What I have opened my eyes to during lockdown

Lockdown has made me realise that even though the world has stopped working as it used to, chores still go on. Don’t get me wrong, I do clean, organise and keep myself working but there are some activities that increase a level of responsibility day by day and maybe we have been ignoring this whole time.

What do I mean by realising some activities need more attention every day? First of all, cleaning. I’m pretty sure we all clean as much as we need to. But do we? As I mentioned on my past posts, I’ve moved out from student halls and since then the responsibility is bigger. Like, did you know the living room gets dusty so fast? Doesn’t matter if you’ve swept and mopped, you should be expecting to do the same thing next day.

I think the message of realising this tiny thing about the floor is not cleaning every day but understanding the effort. Empathising is something that I have really opened my eyes to. Now I can truly relate to my parents with how much they want the house to stay perfectly clean because it takes time to get it done, as well as understanding cleaning workers not only at university but at other places.

Believe it or not, cleaning the floor opened my eyes to realise more than the fact that I need to clean more often, understand my parents’ rules and the role of cleaning workers. It’s crazy how something that little can lead you to think bigger.

During quarantine, I challenge you to have your eyes a little more open and learn from it. Don’t waste any second because every activity inside home can teach you more than you think or understand others in a way that you have never thought. And remember to be safe, stay at home. 

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