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Self isolating with a puppy

Self isolating with a puppy

Is it good to have a dog if I’m student? Is it fair for the dog or me? How is it like getting a puppy during lockdown? I’m pretty sure we have had these questions as students since most of us miss our pets back at home or maybe want to experience something new.

When I was 6 I had my first dog and since then I have pretty much always had one in my life so I would say I have plenty experience with dogs. At the moment, I have two dogs in Peru and I miss them everyday. I would say, I’m definitely a dog person and when I moved to the UK it was very hard to adjust without them.

Getting a dog is big responsibility and it has to be planned. That’s why I made a couple of changes for that to happen. I think my biggest step was moving out from uni accommodation but I was determined that I wanted a new dog in my life so I made the effort. Also, making sure that I had enough finances to afford a dog. Finally managing my time better. So my new friend and I would enjoy quality time together and alone.

As a student, my time scares me a little bit because I want my dog to have the best life I can give him and in this case for me the most valuable gift is my time. I truly believe we all have enough time for whatever we want and I actually proved that to myself when I used to study in Peru. I would manage my time to take them out, cleaning some of their mistakes and spend time with them.

After proving myself that I could afford and raise a dog I decided to get one in my life. I wanted a breed that I’ve experienced before so it would make it a little bit easier for me. That’s why I am now a mum to a beautiful teacup chihuahua. He’s a very fussy and fast learner puppy.

I’m sure it’s very interesting knowing how I got him during this lockdown period. In order to pick up my dog, I pre scheduled the date and  followed the social distancing rules (for more information about it you can go to . Everything was very well  planned and perfectly safe for both of us.

I don’t know if I would recommend for students to get a pet but I would like them to think about it, adjust their lifestyle and then really consider it. We have to be adults about it because it’s our responsibility.

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