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Apps to binge – Review

Apps to binge – Review

During this isolation I’m pretty sure most of us are binging on loads of apps. So far, I have tried a couple of different types of content that may be useful to for-fill your expectations. The variety of streaming services is unbelievable and its only because of my time availability that I discovered them.


I believe Netflix is the most famous streaming service that provides movies, tv shows, documentaries on most internet connected devices. It is my favourite one, I’ve been using it for more than 5 years and I’m very happy with it. There’s a little of everything so it’s really versatile to watch.

What I like the most about this app is the quality. They provide series with the latest seasons and episodes as well as movies and others shows. This is a debatable point however because some users complain that they don’t. But the truth is they do, maybe not as often as people usually would like. Most of the consumers, and I include myself, watch all the new content in a very short time so perhaps this is why we get fed up and want more. It’s impossible to satisfy everyone but Netflix does a good job. Along with its quality mentioned, I personally think the definition on the screen always looks on point.

Rate: 4/5

Disney +

The channel turned into an app. Now, all the movies, series and documentaries from Disney, National Geographic, Pixar and Star Wars are available on the small screen. In my opinion, it is very handy and you can just lay down and remember your childhood for hours.

I’ve been using Disney + for only a few days. At the moment, I’m using the 7 day trial and so far I like it. I’m not sure if I will subscribe to it yet. The service is perfect, I mean, the quality is amazing, no problems regarding the definition but I found out that it doesn’t adapt the best on old devices or softwares. I’m watching it on my iPad (2015) and I have had a couple of problems while loading some series and adjusting the screen. Even though a small problem, I think it’s about time for them to fix this small and insignificant problem.

I think it’s pretty interesting that there’s every single movie and series I remember from
Disney but my problem here is that I have already watched them. I think this app will be perfect for people with children and those who are Disney fans.

Rate: 4/5


I have recently subscribed to Starzplay because I wanted to watch a true crime series and they have an amazing offer of 99p for three months.

If you like true crime, factual and historical movies, series and documentaries, this streaming app is for you. Although they don’t provide the best definition on their content, they give you different types of unpopular but interesting series to binge on. The series that interested me on subscribing to the app is “The Act”, I tried to find it on different devices but only they had it. Just like that series, they have other rare but good ones that I’m still discovering.

Rate: 3/5

During this time I invite you to use your time wisely and try different streaming services. And remember wash your hands and stay at home. Stay strong.

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