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New year resolutions -Reminder

New year resolutions -Reminder

“2020 is my year”, but is it? Are we doing anything to get closer to that “new year resolution”? I hope we are. Or maybe after this realisation we open our eyes and start moving forward.

Every year we expect to be better. I think that’s why we build small battles throughout the year. And yes, I meant those resolutions that you wrote on a brand new agenda that you haven’t used yet. But that’s fine because you will now.

What did we write, set or said out loud that we are going to do this year? In my case, I want to work on my placement development as well as the assignment, my motivation and time management, among some other personal resolutions.

So far this year, I’d say that I’m doing great. I’m slowly trying to get through every point. I’m happy to say I finished my placement (practical part) work and now I have to focus on writing my assignment (written part). I’m trying during this “break”, as I like to call the isolation, to start building the structure of my assignment and gather all the information so explaining my placement year will be easier.

If you are taking online classes, maybe you should try to use your time a bit more wiser. So you can hand your assignments and study on time. It doesn’t have to be intensively every day but maybe one hour each day, until you get use to it and start smashing all those chores.

It’s safe to say that if you start working on any academic work, you will unintentionally work on any personal care resolutions. It happens to me a lot, I just let myself be and at the end of the day I have done everything that was on my agenda for that day and it just makes me feel good. I believe when you move your body from bed to do one only thing it’s enough to motivate you for the day. At this point, any intentions and progress count.

During this time I challenge you to work on your 2020 resolutions to have amazing results at the end of the year. I hope what I wrote today reminded you what you had to do and it’s okay to start late, as long as you start.

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