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Grocery shopping -Pandemic edition

Grocery shopping -Pandemic edition

The time to stay at home has arrived. This means that we have to cooperate and stay at home not only to help ourselves but the ones we love as well as everyone else. For that reason, we can only go out for essentials, work and health reasons. Before starting I want you to be informed about the COVID-19 outbreak at

Personally, since I’m on placement I like monthly grocery shopping because I don’t get time to go out and do it too often. On my days off I like being at home and just resting after long shifts from the previous days and not caring about if I run out of milk. I just want to mention that you don’t have to change the way you usually shop but it is a good idea to be more careful and considered about what is currently happening. Try to actually buy essentials and when you do so, don’t hoard, just take what is necessary.

At the moment, I’m living in the city centre and a couple of days ago, when I needed to shop, the supermarkets around me were almost empty. That’s why I decided to go outside the centre and check out Asda,  but regardless of what I bought I think the experience of getting there it’s a little bit more interesting.

In order to get to my destination, I had to take public transport, which had a couple of warnings about social distancing. These adverts said that we had to be 2 meters apart from others as the government recommends. That’s why seats close to the driver were not available. And to be honest, respecting the statements wasn’t a problem because the bus was almost empty.


When I got to Asda, I found the similar warnings. Inside the supermarket, I found a couple of restrictions while getting into essential product areas. Maximum, three of these necessary items were permitted to buy, to help others and make them available if needed.


Now that I told you what I’ve been through just to go grocery shopping, think about what you actually need and then go and buy your essentials. To protect yourself and others, respect all warnings and adverts at any place for safety reasons. And remember, save lives, stay home!

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