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Accepting and Welcoming changes

Accepting and Welcoming changes

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is keeping themselves healthy and coping well with the sudden changes we all are experiencing currently. I have been thinking a lot about the changes currently happening in my life. Honestly, I don’t really know how to feel about it. A lot of people are not comfortable or happy with change. Without a doubt, change can be difficult because we can be too focused on the negative aspects of the change.

Changes are never easy for anyone. Even for those who wanted to change. I’m sure everyone knows the phrase ‘easier said than done’. A change is more than just saying you want it, you have to be motivated enough to make it and put in genuine effort. How many times have we said that we’ll start eating healthy or work out tomorrow? How many times have we ditched our New Year’s Resolution only because it requires too much effort? Even if we started to change, how long are we able to commit and maintain that change before we go back to our old habits. We focus more on the results instead of the process. We should maybe try and adopt the change and incorporate it into our routine, so it becomes a new habit.

Sometimes, changes are scary because it feels like we’re throwing ourselves blindly into the unknown. We are uncertain of how changes could enhance or diminish our life. We’ve established a routine of habits which we are so used to that it became a part of us. That routine kept us safe and comfortable. Perhaps we feel scared because we doubt our capabilities to accommodate the change. This is why it is so important to accept and welcome changes, so we are able to test our capabilities. As I said in one of my posts before, we need to challenge our assumptions. Instead of viewing changes as a problem, we should view it as a way to improve and reflect on our life or who we are as a person.

At the end of the day, changes are inevitable. If we resist changes, it could be destructive. For example, the world is constantly changing. We are all expected to adapt to the ever-changing world. Not all change is bad. It could be that bad changes are just a way to make us stronger in dealing with whatever problem is presented to us in life. We shouldn’t get discouraged by fearing that we won’t get what we want in the end. We have the power to choose whether change could make us or break us.

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