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My placement experience

My placement experience

The pandemic is keeping us, students, away from our academic chores. We all were focusing on classes, projects, tests or work. As I mentioned on my posts, I am a second year placement student on Culinary Arts Management, so I thought I would tell you more about that in today’s post.

I want to talk about my experience so far at Chakana restaurant, where I have spent half my second year, and since covid-19 is one of our main alerts, I will also talk about how we worked during the spread of the virus.

The way I found out about Chakana was through the owner who is one of the first Peruvian chef’s with a Michelin star, Robert Ortiz. I remember I went on all my social media accounts and sent him messages so he knew about me and my interests in working with him. And all that worked. We talked and after a couple of phone calls and interviews I was accepted to work at the restaurant.

At Chakana I have learnt a lot. I have developed my techniques and improved my knowledge about Peruvian, European and fusion cuisine. This learning experience has also helped me to understand my course a lot more.

Something I do want to talk about was my position and thoughts before placement because it was very negative. I didn’t want to do it I just simply didn’t want to. I thought I wouldn’t learn that much and some other really vague ideas related to negative thoughts.

After a few days working there I realised that I was so wrong. Everyday was new and I was doing new things and learning different techniques as well as facts. I was so shocked because the placement wasn’t at all what I thought it was supposed to be. I always let myself accept different changes that could happen and I’m really happy I was open minded to receive this 360 degree change.

I have tried to keep my mindset like that since then and it’s been really good. Although, there was a period of time that I didn’t quite understand. It was how to work with the Covid-19 around us. The measurements were to wash our hands and sanitise more including the improvement of cleaning products. We followed these rules until the government decided to close down all restaurants.

Whenever there’s a problem or situation, the team takes care of it and finds a solution. Which makes me feel safe. I think it’s something we should all prioritise when considering working at any place, looking for our safeness.

Day by day after more than half year I’m still learning and see that I really made a good decision by picking my course. I also learn from and have met amazing people who I feel so close to. I think I’m very lucky to work with a team that I actually like and enjoy working with.

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