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Useful websites I use as a student

Useful websites I use as a student

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is healthy and well. I have found it hard to be productive and concentrate on doing my assignments lately. So I decided to write abouta list of websites that I find useful, to help me be more productive and motivated to do my work. (You can click on the websites’ name to go to the website)


I always have this website open on a tab whenever I am working on an assignment or writing blog posts. I can’t remember how long I have been using this website but I do remember using it for my homework when I was in sixth form. This website is very useful to me. My vocabulary has greatly improved ever since I started using this website. It provides a range of tools related to the use of words for creative and recreational purposes. Some of the tools available on the website includes definitions, synonyms, antonyms, rhymes and even translation! I find that the synonyms are the most useful for me because I am always struggling to avoid using words repetitively.


I am pretty sure a lot of people use this for their assignments. This is also included in UCB’s online CASE Toolkits which can be accessed via Canvas. This website claims that it is an online writing assistant that helps with checking grammar and would even give suggestions to improve your sentence structure. It serves as a safety net and much more for all written work. You will also get details on the mistakes you made so you can improve your writing skills. There’s also an app version of this so that anything you typed on your phone including emails and even writing a caption for your Instagram post could be proofread.


This website provides an online toolbox which includes a Harvard reference generator, plagiarism tester and many more. It reminds me of the website citethisforme but it provides additional online tools for various purposes. All you need to do is type in the reference information into the relevant boxes and it will generate the reference in the correct way for you. This will definitely make it easier for you to reference your work. The best thing about these online tools is that it is completely free to use.


I find this very useful for when I feel less motivated to do my work. We all experienced days when we just feel so unmotivated to do anything. While it is important to take a few breaks occasionally, it is also crucial that we don’t take too much of our time for a break which could disrupt our progress. One of the ways I try to make use of my breaks is to listen to motivational and inspirational speeches to generate ideas for my work. It works most of the time for me. They have a wide range of topics available so I am sure you can find whatever is interesting for you on there. You can watch TED Talks on YouTube or head over to their website instead, to avoid getting distracted by YouTube’s tempting video suggestions.


Just like the TED talk website, this website is also one of my favorites to find inspiration and motivation. This website is worth checking out. I often browse through this website for articles that I could read to kill some time. On this website, you will find articles, great quotes, amazing advice and all kinds of useful information. You can find articles on self-help on this website also which I think is very useful for students. Once in a while we need a little reminder to take care of ourselves and this website is my reminder for that. I also enjoy the creepy catalog on the website because I love horror stories. The horror stories on this website are mind blowing to me and I have never seen any other website that have the same effect.


This website is different than the other websites on this list. I encountered this website while looking for motivational websites for students. I find it very interesting and amusing. This cute website would be fun for most cat lovers. It can help motivate you to reach a certain amount of words for an assignment. Once you reach the amount of words you aimed for, the website will ‘reward’ you with a cute picture of kittens. I find this a fun way to complete an assignment. Who says you can’t have fun while doing your assignment? If you don’t like kittens, you also have the options to choose either bunnies or puppies.

That’s all for this post. I hope the websites I have listed are useful to you as much as it is to me. Now I have to go and actually do my assignments.


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