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Where there’s a woman, there’s magic!

Where there’s a woman, there’s magic!

International Women’s Day was the 8th of March. A perfect  day to celebrate women being strong, independent and amazing!

I personally spent it working but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about this special date. I would have loved to go to a parade to support all gender equality and rights. But thinking about it I kinda did, I went to work and just like that day and every day I’m showing everyone I can do the same activities like men or anyone can.

Since I was a kid my mum taught me anyone could do anything by just thinking with some creativity. She even told me that I don’t need to be strong to open or lift something, if i’m creative or intelligent enough I can. Since then I’m telling everyone the same.


Throughout my life I had amazing women who helped me be the person I am. Like most of us, our mothers are the first feminine picture. And it wasn’t different with me but also I had other amazing women that I would not let myself not mention because of the impact they left on me. One such women is my great-grandmother, Gloria, my aunts Carmen and Sandra, my dads lifetime personal assistant Sandra and my childhood best friend Fernanda. These names will always have a special place in my heart. And I hope everyone who is reading this post has or have had as many amazing women in their lives.

Being a woman sometimes can be difficult not only where I’m from but probably and unfortunately everywhere. But it’s up to us to remember who we are and what are we doing to improve the system. I hope this day helped us to remember about the importance of women in society as well as gender equality. Let’s do it for all those beautiful names in our hearts as well as those warrior women out there making this world a better place for us.

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