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Recent Birmingham Restaurant Visits

Recent Birmingham Restaurant Visits


I know that last week I talked about drinks, so why not talk about food this week? When I have time, I like to try new restaurants, especially new types of food that I usually don’t cook at home.

Kuula Poké

The first restaurant that I am going to talk about is Kuula Poké. I don’t know if you heard about it, but one of my friends is working there, so I decided to go and try it. The restaurant is in Colmore Row and sells poke bowls which is basically a healthy combination of fish, meats or tofu with rice, vegetables and fruits and includes a sauce. In the restaurant, there are 7 steps so you can build your own one or you can choose one that is already on the menu. Mine was personalised and to be honest I don’t remember what was inside I only remember that it was amazing! If you like healthy food, you should definitely try it. The prices go from 3 to 9 pounds, but I can ensure you that you will be full for a long time.



This second one is very famous but to be honest I was never too curious to go there, I don’t know why. But last week, on national pancake day they were doing a special menu and it looked delicious, so I decided to explore it. I ordered the regular pancakes with berries and white chocolate sauce and to be honest, the pancakes were great but the chocolate didn’t taste like chocolate it was more like milk, so was not very good. I paid 6 pounds which I think was a little bit expensive, but we know that in this type of restaurant everything is more expensive, because you pay for the service as well.


Thai Express

I think this restaurant opened in Birmingham last year, but I am not sure. Two of my best friends were always talking about how good the Pad Thai was and how affordable it was for the amount of food you get. When my friend came from Portugal, she wanted to try since she is a massive fan of Pad Thai. I can tell you that I was surprised because it is delicious and the portion of food is massive. I had almost half, and I brought the rest home because the trick is to ask for your order in a takeaway box, so they include more food. I think I paid around 9 pounds with the drink, but since it lasted me for dinner, the price is very good!


Moss House Dining Area

The last one, but probably the most important one, the new dining restaurant at Moss House. I was super excited when I knew that it was going to open in January, so I could still enjoy it before I graduate. I have already visited there 5 or 6 times, and probably tried almost everything from the menu ahaha. On the first day, I tried the burger, and it is so good, then I choose the wrap, and is more like a fajita than a wrap. Last week I went to try the pizzas and the vegan hot dog. The vegan hot dog is too spicy for me, but it is good, don’t get me wrong and the pizzas are fantastic, with the thin crust. I don’t need to mention the price since at university everything has a reasonable price.

I hope you liked my recommendations and see you next week with another travel post,

Madalena Ribeiro

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