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Safe and sound at Uni

Safe and sound at Uni

Home is a synonym of safeness. I mean, if you get hurt, at least at my home, there’s always some kind of solution. Doesn’t matter if it’s crying with mum or going through the first aid kit.

I want to talk about how do we (as students) keep ourselves protected. I’m not saying uni is not a safe place but I think when we are alone we tend to get a little bit clumsy and that’s when accidents can happen.

A week ago, I had a small accident at work. I’m currently on placement and I’m studying culinary arts management. Which means I work at a restaurant.

I was plating an amazing crème brûlée with a torch. I lit the torch, then proceeded to put it aside and carry on finishing the final details when it fell and touched my wrist for about two seconds. That was enough time to leave me my first burn as a chef.

Like this accident I have had other inconvenient experiences that have led me to have terrible stomachaches, headaches and general sicknesses.

What I personally do is buy a couple of creams and pills for general and common illnesses. Since I’m a chef, I decided to also get a burn kit because you never know. To be honest I think its a really good idea for us all to have a first aid kit to hand if needed.

After this first “major” accident since I’m living by myself, I realised that I have to prevent more and be prepared. We all should be. I would like to highlight that we don’t necessarily need to feel a physical pain to require some medical help. Also, never stop asking and attending the NHS in case you aren’t sure about your situation. On that note for all students especially international students it is really important that you register with a local GP when you arrive. Doing this ensures that they have all your information and medical history if you ever do fall unwell. You can find your local GP through the following link.

My personal recommendation is to avoid all hazards. They can also be not that obvious, just like having an extra drink or deciding to go out that one night when your whole year depends on the next morning.

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