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The Alchemist: review

The Alchemist: review

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a lovely start to the semester and are now enjoying the reading week. If you are anything like me you most likely have lots of deadlines and feel you have little time to do anything. My best advice is to just take a deep breath and try to organise your work, because it is essential to have time for yourself as well.

Today I am going to talk to you about my experience at The Alchemist at Brindley Place. Since its first year, I have heard a lot about this bar, but I never went there because I didn’t have the opportunity. Finally, this Saturday I had the chance because my best friend was in Birmingham and we wanted to try something new.

I booked on the same day a table for 4 people at 10pm, and there was no fee to book it which was amazing. When we got to the place, there was a lovely lady that took our reservation and showed us our table. The table was in the back of the restaurant/bar, in a more reserved area where it was possible to have drinks and food, but we decided to have only drinks.


Some of the drinks come with effects and I was fascinated with all the smoke that was coming out of some of the drinks. I really wanted one of those, but sadly they only have that type of drink with alcohol, and I don’t like alcohol. Even with that problem, they have a massive menu, and I found a non-alcohol cocktail with bubbles! So obviously, I asked for that one and my best friend had the same as well. My boyfriend decided to go for one that changes colour, and it was so funny to see it changing colour, and my other friend got a ginger one that had the smoky effect as well.

Overall my experience at this bar was amazing. The cocktails were very nice, the staff were lovely with us, asking us all the time if we were okay and if our drinks were good. I really want to go back there, to be honest, but next time I might go for food as well because people were eating and the food looked delicious.

See you next week,

Madalena Ribeiro

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