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Grocery shopping do’s and don’ts for non brummies

Grocery shopping do’s and don’ts for non brummies

Relying on supermarkets around the city centre is not a good idea for one simple reason, the student budget. My best recommendation as a second-year student is to compare supermarkets, markets, shops and explore around the area because it can make a big financial difference at the end of the month. Deals might seem like an amazing opportunity but sometimes they are not.

I would definitely recommend visiting the local Bullring Indoor Market, it’s really cheap but be aware of the quality. The market is divided in two, fruit and vegetables then the meat market. The market can be located at the bottom of the Bullring if you are not good with directions like me. Its usually open from 9am to 5.30pm from Tuesday to Saturday. Don’t forget to take some cash with you because some sellers don’t accept cards. It’s not the end of the world if you forget it as there are cash machines around the area.

I like going when it’s almost closing around 5pm because that’s when the all the deals start. Fruits and vegetables are being sold in bowls and it’s usually one for one pound but during those hours it can be two or more bowls for one pound (you can mix the products).

Beside the fruit market is the meat market where I am little more careful. When it comes to raw food you should always take extra care. There’s a huge variety of different fresh meats but consider the expiry date as we are talking about fresh meat.

For bigger grocery shopping I like going to the five ways Morrison’s, they have a big variety of prices as well as brands that can help you compare products and pick the best option. Morrison’s as a product brand has worked perfectly for me and it’s often cheap. I enjoy the bakery area because there are always good offers.

Be smart and ask for club cards to collect points from every supermarket you often visit. Also, you might want to buy a trolley or use a small suitcase to carry your products inside if you walk or use public transport, it will make a difference.

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