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February childhood memories

February childhood memories

Memories are everything that make us original but also part of the society. December passed, it’s a new year but some traditions will be repeated as the past.

Remembering, bringing back the past is so indescribable when you are miles away from home and going to university. Meeting different kinds of people from different backgrounds makes you think you are so lucky because your treasured memories they may have never imagined or heard before.

I want to talk about my memories in February because it’s not usual and maybe I am one of the lucky ones who can treasure this weird or pretty original ordinary memory.

When I was a kid I used to live in Lima, Peru. Back in the time where it would be relatively safe for kids to play outside without parents supervision. I would go out with my three best childhood friends, who were also my neighbours, dressed in old cloths or swimsuits (Summertime in Peru) and take outside our inflatable pools, hoses, water balloons, among others and the rest you can already imagine.

The most special day is the last Sunday of  February so that’s the day you want to be outside and be prepared because one bad impression from kids or people who have a balcony and you will be soaked in water. It is a nice and innocent tradition that young and adult people can enjoy together. The only bad aspect of this celebration is the waste of water but for that I was told that we should prioritise play on the gardens or park so at least the water is going somewhere useful.

A carnival is also held on this day. The after taste of the carnivals was amazing because you get tired and hungry playing. The best feeling ever was, going back home to enjoy food with friends and sitting on a fabric chair with a towel on with your hair wet and letting it drip. 

This is my treasured February memory and I hope every single reader has one that they feel attached to like I am with mine.

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