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10 things I love about Christmas

10 things I love about Christmas

Hi everyone,

Christmas is my favourite season of the year. If you don’t like Christmas, I hope after this post you start liking it a little bit more.

  1. Magic and Light

Since I was a child, I remember Christmas as a magical period of the year, because of all the lights in the streets, writing a letter to Santa and meeting Santa Claus is something magical because when you grow up, you know he is not real. Still, when you were a kid, it really meant everything to you.

  1. Advent Calendars

As probably you already know I am addicted to chocolate and having the opportunity to eat it for 25 days in a row is amazing. Nowadays they have more options for advent calendars, such as food ones or beauty, but I am the biggest fan of the original one.

  1. Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs are so good, and it’s impossible not to feel happy when you listen to them. My favourite one is “Last Christmas” and “All I want for Christmas is You”, I know that everyone likes them, but I can hear them all year and not just during Christmas.

  1. The Decorations

One of my favourite memories of Christmas is always decorating the Christmas tree and even now that I am not home for the 1st of December that is when we put the Christmas tree up, my mum always calls me to see if I like it. Last year, I was so sad that I didn’t have a tree, so I decided to buy a small one and I am delighted with her.


  1. Christmas Movies

This one you know for sure, I love movies !! So, when it comes to Christmas there are always some movies that I have to watch but stay tuned as I will try and post about this, so you don’t miss my favourite ones.

  1. Family

Every year I am always grateful for my family and the value that they have, but now that I am faraway when it comes to Christmas, it has a more significant meaning to me. It is that 2 days that I can see my family and spend a fantastic time with them, sometimes watching movies, playing games or even just talking with each other about our year.


  1. The food

Of course, I had to include this one, and I think everyone will agree with me that at Christmas you have the best food. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of proper meals, my favourite part is always the desert or the salty appetisers. I will also do a post about how my Christmas was, including a full list of what I had in terms of food.

  1. Cold Weather and Fireplace

I always spend Christmas Eve in my aunts house, and it’s freezing inside, so one of the best things in the fireplace because it keeps us very warm. A fun fact about me, I love the smell of something burning, so this is like heaven for me.

  1. Dressing Up

This one is essential for me, even when I was tiny. I always like to wear something new on Christmas day and to dress up a little bit. On Christmas eve I usually wear my Christmas jumper, and this year I hope all the family gets one.

  1. Presents

I left this one for the end because it is a controversial topic. I love to buy gifts and spend time looking for what to buy for each person. I love to receive gifts as well because it means the person thought about me and about my tastes.

I hope you enjoyed my post and Merry Christmas,

Madalena Ribeiro

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