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My trip to Gdańsk

My trip to Gdańsk

Hi everyone,

I told you I was going to travel on reading week to Poland. I went to Gdansk to visit one of my best friends that is there on Erasmus for 6 months. I have known her since we were 11 years old, I decided to use the time that I had off during the reading week to visit her.

I went on Wednesday afternoon, and I only arrived at 8pm, so on that day, I didn’t have the opportunity to explore a lot. For the first night we went out to a bar where we met with her friends, and we stayed until 5 am.

The next day, on Thursday we woke up at 2pm, so we lost most all day, but in the afternoon, we decided to go a visit the place where she lives called Sopot. That city is so pretty, it has a massive beach area and the pier that is one of the most beautiful places.


This day was Halloween, so we decided to go out to a Halloween party in a club and here you have a picture of me on this night. I never use red lipstick, but all of the girls were wearing so I just did the same.


On Friday we were so lazy because going out two nights in a row for me was too much because I am not used to it. We just hung out at home, watching Netflix, and we order McDonald’s, so it was a very chilled and I could rest.


Saturday was my favourite day! We woke up at 8am, I know very early, but we decided to visit Gdansk, so we needed to take the train, and it took us around 20 minutes to get there. They showed me the old town, and it is so pretty, the architecture of the building and the canals reminded me of Amsterdam. After that, we decided to go to the Ferris Wheel to have a different view of the city.


In the afternoon we had lunch at a restaurant called “Sexy burgers “, and we had to eat them with gloves because it had a lot of sauce.

When we finished lunch, we went to the shopping centre and then we went to the Friends cafe. I have never have seen Friends in my life, but my friends wanted to go there so much that we decided to go to have a hot drink and cake because it was too cold outside.

After we finished our food we went home. In the evening they invited some friends over, and they stayed until 3 am and then I went to bed because the next day I was coming back to Birmingham.

On my last day, Sunday, I woke up, had breakfast, packed everything and took the uber to the airport. I arrived 2 hours before my flight, so had time to rest and to eat something else. At 4pm I arrived in Birmingham and came home to take a shower and went out again.


My boyfriend’s mom was in town, and it was her birthday, so we all went to have dinner at my favourite restaurant Bella Italia, and then we came home so I could sleep.

That was my 5 days in Poland, I know I didn’t visit a lot of the city, but that is an excuse so I can go back to explore more.

See you next week but don’t worry this is not my last travel post for the year.


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