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How to travel on a budget

How to travel on a budget

Hi everyone,

By the time you are reading this, I am already back from my trip to Gdansk, Poland. I went there for 5 days because one of my best friends is doing Erasmus there. If you don’t know what Erasmus is, it is basically an exchange programme between universities. In the programme, you have the option to choose a university in Europe to do one semester of your course. If you are studying at UCB and want to join this programme it is between year 1 and year 2 that you need to apply, and then you go on the first semester of year 2.

Today’s post is not about Erasmus however, it is about how I travel so much in a year since I am a student. First of all, I always go when it’s not the high season, so try to avoid months like December, July and August. If I travel in that period it is usually because my parents don’t have the chance to go earlier because they are working.

My second tip for you is to always search on Google flights or Skyscanner but still use an anonymous page because in that way they cannot track your searches and they don’t increase the prices.

In terms of booking a place to stay, I usually use or Since I regularly just travel with one or two people, it’s not worth it to rent an Airbnb, but for bigger groups it is a good option. When choosing the hotel, I always try to find a cheaper one close to the city centre and if possible one that includes breakfast, so we can eat more in the morning and then we can save during the day.

During the trip, one thing that I also like to buy is food at the supermarkets to save more money. I know one of the most important things is to try the local cuisine, so I tend to eat breakfast and dinner from the supermarket and then have lunch in a restaurant. Also what I recommend to you is, if you want to visit any attraction always buy the tickets online, because most of the time it is cheaper and you don’t have to wait in long queues wasting the time you could be visiting the city. Usually, I try to see most of the things from the outside, especially when it’s a European city because the monuments are quite expensive.

To end my list of tips and probably the most important one: set a budget! For example, for my 5 days in Poland, my budget was 100 pounds because I was staying at a friend’s house, so the only thing I needed to pay was my food, the souvenirs and the leisure activities.

These are my tips and also the techniques that I use to travel. I hope you enjoy it and see you next week with my post about Poland.

Madalena Ribeiro

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