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My First Flight

My First Flight

As I’ve mentioned months ago I absolutely hate flying. It takes a lot of dedication to even get me on a plane. Today I will tell you about the first time I was on a plane.

My family has never had much money to spread around – or even go on vacations. The first time I got on a plane was when I was 19; the flight that took me to study at UCB!

I worked most of the 6 months prior to the flight to save money for the plane ticket. A one-way ticket, I thought, would be good enough for now. I remember being very confused with the booking. Surprisingly, the ticket cost only about £100, which was much cheaper than I expected (Prague to Birmingham with Czech Airlines).

The departure was scheduled for September 2nd, 2017. With the ticket booked from mid-June I was slowly preparing myself. I wasn’t scared – not of leaving the country and my family behind, not of the flight. I was excited; ready for something new. I have heard excellent things about Birmingham and was eager to see it for myself!

The plane was packed with people going to study at UCB (many of which are my friends now and are still studying). I chose a window seat next to the wing so I could get the most of the ‘atmosphere and experience’.

As we were pulling onto the runway I thought that we ought to lift off any second. The real lift off took me by surprise. The person sitting next to me was an experienced flyer and talked with me for the most part of the flight; not to comfort me, but we wanted to kill the 2 hours we had to spend in the flying can.

The biggest scare of that flight was when the flaps of the wing pulled out. I didn’t know that was supposed to happen and was certain that we are done for. After I asked around (I had some weird looks and laughs), it turned out that is completely standard.

We landed just fine. Fun fact: it took me only about 10 minutes in the country to almost get myself run-over – what can I say… wrong side of the road, guys!

As you’ve probably assessed by yourself, this flight was pretty good. I was thinking the same thing and was legitimately looking forward to my next one.

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